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Product Name: KetoCharge

Product Description: KetoCharge is a powerful exogenous ketone supplement that can make your ketonic diet easier and an enormous success. It is the supplement that makes you burn fat faster and ensures your body is fat-burning ketosis during your whole diet.

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KetoCharge Review Summary

KetoCharge is for you if you want to get the best possible results doing the ketonic diet. It is a premium weight loss supplement that ensures your metabolism is up. That you are burning fat staying in ketosis during your whole diet. I have given KetoCharge a high grade, and I will explain why in this review.



Check out our overall rating on one of the more popular exogenous ketone supplements.

Below you find the pros and cons using KetoCharge.

Don’t forget to check out our full review with everything you need to learn about this fat burner.


  • Make you burn fat faster
  • Promote a better weight loss
  • Reach ketosis easier and stay there
  • Improve brain and cognitive function
  • Raise energy levels
  • Help avoid age-related diseases
  • Available worldwide
  • Great savings when buying in bulk
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Not evaluated by the FDA
  • Not the cheapest supplement around
  • We do not know enough about the long-term effects

Last Updated on May 31, 2021 by Martin

KetoCharge, to help you lose weight while doing the ketonic diet?

There is no doubt that the ketonic diet is one of the most talked-about and effective diets available right now!

It is the diet that can help people lose the body fat they have tried to get rid of for years.

If done correctly, this diet can boost your metabolism and energy levels to lose weight faster.

But the ketonic diet does come with a strict protocol that you must follow; if you fail, you will be wasting your time, money and not lose any weight.

Luckily, you can use a supplement like KetoCharge to make your ketonic diet experience excellent, getting some good fat and weight loss results.

KetoCharge is the supplement that can make your ketonic diet experience better and easier.

First, it will ensure that you are losing weight. Second, it will eliminate some of the pitfalls you will bump into doing the ketonic diet.

More about that in this review.

What Is the Ketonic Diet

The ketonic diet is a high-fat diet that can help you lose weight by making your body burn ketones coming from fat instead of glucose coming from sugars and carbohydrates.

To make it work, you must push your body into ketosis, the state where you will be burning these ketones. To do so, you must follow a strict protocol limiting your carbohydrates to almost nothing.

But doing so, the reward can be a significant weight loss, a boost of energy levels, and an improvement of your brain and cognitive function.

When doing the ketonic diet, your macronutrients should look very similar to the numbers below.

  • 70-75% Fat
  • 20-25% protein
  • 5-10% carbohydrates.

This formula is the key to success in doing the ketonic diet.

For some, the ketonic diet has become more than just another weight loss diet. They have felt significant health improvements and benefits in their life to such an extent that it has become a lifestyle.

But the truth for many is that the ketonic diet has been a struggle. Trying to reach ketosis and cycling in and out of it. Dealing with the keto flu and feeling.

Finally, not being able to lose any weight because of too much hassle reaching ketosis.

It is on these latter matters that KetoCharge can be a major help. Turning your diet into a success so you too can enjoy the many benefits.

What is KetoCharge?

Here is a so-called exogenous ketone supplement that can boost the effects and make your ketonic diet much more effective.

Most keto dieters, when starting, are having difficulties not only getting into fat-burning ketosis but also staying there.

A supplement like KetoCharge will make the entire process easier, ensuring your stay in ketosis. It means you can focus more on your diet and losing weight.

KetoCharge The Benefits

Keep in mind; KetoCharge is much more than just losing weight! You will get a lot of benefits from using this exogenous ketone supplement.

Here are some of them.

  • make you reach ketosis faster and make sure you stay there
  • Burn fat at a faster rate
  • Help to avoid the keto flu
  • Raise your energy levels
  • Improve cognitive and brain function
  • Help to prevent age-related diseases
  • Boost the effects of the keto diet

KetoCharge review

How Does KetoCharge Work?

To lose weight and get the benefits of doing the ketonic diet, your body needs to be in ketosis.

It is the state where you will burn ketones coming from fat instead of glucose coming from carbohydrates.

KetoCharge will deliver up to 78% of the ketones your body needs to get into ketosis. First, it means you no longer must wait for your body to produce the needed ketones.

Second, it becomes much easier to stay in ketosis and keep losing weight. You will no longer drift in and out of ketosis, which happens to many people on the ketonic diet.

As a result, you will start to burn fat and lose weight faster and more efficiently.

Avoid The Keto Flu

The keto flu is a condition some keto dieters are experiencing when trying to reach ketosis. It can feel like brain fog, extreme tiredness, or having the flu and being sick with a fever.

The keto flu happens when your body is transitioning from burning glucose to ketones and can last for a couple of days. However, using KetoCharge, you can avoid getting the keto flu altogether.

Raise Your Energy Levels

A huge concern among many when considering the keto diet is the lack of energy due to the restriction of carbohydrates.

However, KetoCharge will help you through the transitioning phase and load your body with essential electrolytes to keep your body hydrated and full of energy.

When you are in ketosis, KetoCharge will help make sure that you can now use fat as your primary energy source instead of glucose. It means you will have extra energy available for fitness or other duties that can boost your fat burn.

Who Will Benefit from KetoCharge?

Everyone who wants to do the ketonic diet will benefit from using KetoCharge.

If you are new to the ketonic diet, you are not aware of the many pitfalls you may encounter on your weight loss journey.

You will get an effective supplement that can help you avoid some of the pitfalls you may experience on your ketonic diet.

As a more experienced keto dieter, you can, with KetoCharge, get help to overcome your weak spots and optimize your diet experience overall.

Also, if you are worried about all this fat you will consume, you can, with KetoCharge, create a buffer around your diet. It means if you have setbacks, it will be easier to get back on track.

What are The KetoCharge Ingredients?

Ingredients in KetoCharge

Where most other exogenous ketone supplements come with one ingredient, the Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB).

KetoCharge gives you 3 different ingredients that will get you in fat-burning ketosis rapidly.

Each capsule contains 800mg of the following ingredients.


Beta-hydroxybutyrate can make up to 78% of the ketones you need to get your body into ketosis, where you will be burning fat instead of carbohydrates.

It means that you with a supplement like KetoCharge doesn’t have to wait for your body to produce the needed ketones.

It will give you a good head start and make it easier to stay in ketosis during your keto diet.

The rest of the ketones you need are 20% acetoacetate (AcAc) and 2% acetone.

These your body will produce by itself when you are going on a low-carbohydrate diet such as the keto diet.

Beta-hydroxybutyrate consist of the following compounds

Calcium Beta-hydroxybutyrate

Calcium BHB is a salt that may give you support during the period where you adapt to the ketonic diet.

It will help boost your energy levels and help you with both your exercise and mental performance.

Also, Calcium Beta-hydroxybutyrate may fuel vital organs such as your heart, brain, and muscles when you are consuming fewer carbs.

Sodium Beta-hydroxybutyrate

Sodium BHB will increase electrolytes in your body and help you avoid any loss of important minerals while doing the keto diet.

It will maintain the right water balance in your body and help your muscle and nerve function as you go deeper into ketosis.

Finally, Sodium BHB will also help maintain regular blood pressure levels.

Magnesium Beta-hydroxybutyrate

Magnesium will limit potential side effects when your body is entering ketosis.

At the same time, it will make sure your body gets the energy available to its daily functions.

Getting magnesium is especially important because we tend to lose it while we sweat.

Does KetoCharge Contain Caffeine?

KetoCharge doesn’t contain any caffeine, making it an ideal supplement if you want to avoid caffeine. Still, you will be able to raise your energy level because the ingredients process fat.

How To Take KetoCharge

Take two capsules daily together with a big glass of water.

You can either do it in the mornings or before one of your main meals.

Remember, the more you follow the 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbohydrates ratio, the better results.

Don’t forget calorie restriction and exercising will give you better results as well.

How Many KetoCharge Capsules Can I Take Daily?

You can take up to 6 capsules daily around your main meals. But most of your fat loss will occur just by taking the recommended two capsules.

Each container contains 60 capsules which are equal to one month’s supply.

Is KetoCharge FDA Approved?

It is few very over-the-counter weight loss supplements that the FDA has approved. The same goes for KetoCharge and exogenous ketone supplements.

With that being said, it is essential to notice; the KetoCharge is made in a GMP facility in the United States approved by the FDA.

Has KetoCharge Been Featured in Shark Tank?

Nope, it is false marketing. Some keto weight loss supplements have claimed that the judges in Shark Tank have endorsed them. These statements are not accurate and are deceptive.

KetoCharge Side Effects

Is KetoCharge safe to use? Are there any dangers in using this supplement?

I know it may sound dangerous to turn your diet upside down, increasing your fat intake and almost eliminating all carbs.

But keep in mind that there is nothing new to this idea of using fat as your primary source of fuel. It is what we were doing back in the days as hunters and gatherers.

Currently, there are no reports regarding any severe side effects from using KetoCharge. Just follow the directions, and you will not run into issues.

But as with all supplements, it is good to talk to your doctor before getting started.

What If I Have Digestion and Constipation Issues?

Just taking KetoCharge shouldn’t give you any issues with diarrhea, bloating, or constipation.

But for some people, getting started consuming more fat doing the ketonic diet may cause bloating and constipation issues.

Normally it will pass, but you can ease up on it a little by getting some digestive enzymes such as pro-biotics.

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Does KetoCharge Really Work?

According to various scientific studies like this Pubmed study. BHB salts and ketones can play a significant role when you want to get your body into fat-burning ketosis.

But to get the best results from using KetoCharge, you should combine your ketonic diet with regular exercise.

Also, remember, a calorie is still a calorie. Too many of them, no matter what type of diet you are on, will prevent you from losing weight.

How To Get Better Results Using KetoCharge?

Why take the KetoCharge and follow the ketonic diet when there are a couple of tweaks you can do to make your diet more efficient?

Do Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting can be a great complement to the ketonic diet and may accelerate your fat loss. Intermittent fasting is also perfect for those of you who don’t like to have breakfast.

One way of intermittent fasting is to have an 8-hour timeframe where you have 2 or 3 meals. In the 16-hours that are left of the day, you stay away from foods and anything that contain calories.

For example, you can have your first meal at 12 pm and then that last one no later than 8 pm.

Intermittent fasting can be an effective way together with KetoCharge to push into ketosis and burn more fat during your diet.

Exercise On a Moderate Level

Exercise, train and use your muscles, combine it with some brisk walks, and keep it on a moderate level.

High-intensity workouts, sprints, and HIIT workouts may require a greater deal of glucose and glycogen than keeping it at a moderate pace.

When it comes to glucose, you don’t want to tempt yourself to get some fast carbs after your workout because your storage is depleted. You don’t want to reach that point with glycogen where you start to burn muscles because your glycogen storage is depleted.

Increase Your Protein Intake Slightly

For most people, their protein intake is around 10-15%. Try to increase it to 20-25%. It will help to suppress your appetite so you can avoid the temptation of carbohydrates.

Also, proteins are great for muscle building and recovery.

It is important to stress that overeating protein may prevent you from reaching ketosis, so keep your intake tight.

Use Coconut (MCT) Oil in Your Cooking

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides and exists in coconut oil. It can greatly support KetoCharge because it will improve fat uptake and make it easier to stay in ketosis for long periods of time.

On top of that, MCT oils also carry appetite suppressing abilities and make you feel full and satisfied.

Combining KetoCharge with Other Fat Burners

If you want to go the extra weight loss mile, you can combine KetoCharge with other fat burners if there are some specific areas you want to pay close attention to.

But keep in mind, it is not a most do. It is effective enough on its own.

KetoCharge and PhenQ – To Suppress Appetite and Raise Energy Levels

KetoCharge can help you get into ketosis and make you stay there throughout your whole diet.

However, some dieters may still have too much hunger, overeating, low energy levels, and poor metabolism. Here it may help to combine KetoCharge with a fat burner like PhenQ.

It is a five in one fat burner that can help you with increasing your metabolism and fat burn to suppress your appetite and eat less.

KetoCharge and Phen24 – Turning Your Diet Into a 24-Hour Fat Burn

Phen24 is a fat burner that comes with a day and a nighttime formula to ensure that your weight loss diet runs 24 hours a day and is more than just a nine to five job.

Also, Phen24 comes with relaxing ingredients that can help you improve your sleep and nighttime metabolism.

You can, with benefits, combine KetoCharge with Phen24 if you feel a disturbance in your sleep and want to improve your fat loss during the night.

KetoCharge Reviews – Customer Testimonials

What are the users saying about their experience using this fat burner?

Below is a collection of testimonials taken from their official website.

KetoCharge Testimonials

How to Buy KetoCharge

When you want to buy KetoCharge, your best option is to do it directly from their website.

Here you will get customer support will only be a phone call or a chat away if you need any help.

Also, keep in mind that the more you buy, the greater savings you will get.

Buying from the KetoCharge website is your guarantee that your product is real and genuine.

Is KetoCharge Available at Walmart?

At this point, you cannot find KetoCharge in Walmart.

What About Amazon, eBay, or Other Online Stores?

Currently, KetoCharge is not available on Amazon or similar. You will have to visit the official KetoCharge website to get it.

What About GNC, Walgreens, CVS, or Similar?

You will look for a very long time if you want to find ketoCharge in a brick-and-mortar store near you.

KetoCharge wants to deal directly with its customers and has cut out the middleman. For you, it means a lower price compared to buying it in a store near you.

How Much Does KetoCharge Cost?

One bottle of KetoCharge costs $59.95. But you can get one free if you decide to buy an extra bottle. In fact, buying in bulk can give you savings of up to $275.95

It is worth considering if you have a couple of months of dieting ahead of you.

Is This a Recurring Payment Offer?

Keep in mind; there are no recurring payments when buying KetoCharge.

Is KetoCharge Available Internationally?

Yes, KetoCharge is available in the United States and the rest of the world. Remember, you will get free shipping on this offer.

Getting Started Using KetoCharge

To buy KetoCharge, all you must do is to head over to their official website. Here you can learn more about the benefits, and customer support will be ready to help you out.

To get started, click on the link below.

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How to buy KetoCharge

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