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The purpose of is to inform and help out people who want to get started doing the keto diet.

I want to help out people who want to do the keto diet and are thinking about using supplements to help them making it easier.

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To do that we will be publishing reviews, articles, news regarding the keto diet. You will learn about the latest supplements and news on how to optimize your diet and get results faster.

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It is important to stress out that we do not sell any supplements directly from our website.

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Who Am I is owned by me, Martin Gram. I am a former fitness coach, certified at International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and now blogger who strongly believes that the keto diet can help you to improve health and to lose weight. That is if you do things right and choose your eventual supplements carefully.

From my experience as a coach, I am well aware that it is not always that easy to go on a diet to improve health and lose weight. To make things easier, using supplements can be a good choice if you choose carefully.

Before starting using them, be sure to make a deal with yourself; that supplements are not the overall solution to your problem. But a helping hand to make your diet and life easier when trying to promote health and to lose weight.

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First I highly recommend you head over to the keto calculator and bookmark it. It is a free source where you can calculate and tailor your keto diet for either maintenance, weight gain, or a weight loss.

Also, I highly encourage you to check out all our keto supplement reviews here. It will get you started and give you some good insight into what is available speaking of keto weight loss supplements.


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